Prizm 9.5″ Search Coil (8.3 kHz)


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Fits all Prizm metal detectors. Provides better depth performance. Open Center design. 9.5 Prizm

SKU: 801-3222-1


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  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve owned my White’s Prizm 4 detector for 14years. I felt satisfied with the stock 8″ coil, but always had wanted a larger coil that had an open center, for easier pinpointing for me. When I saw White’s still offered the Prizm 950, I was elated. I bought one in May 2018. I’ve used this coil all summer and it gives me extra depth, extra coverage, and most of all allows me to easier visualize & pinpoint targets. I wish I had bought the 950 coil a long time ago!

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