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Dependable – Comfortable – no-delay real-time audio that matches perfectly your Spectra sweep speed and speaker response. Engineered just for Spectra Series┬áby White’s. Multiple channels to choose from to avoid picking up signals from other Spectras in the area, or set two headphones up to hear targets from one detector. A terrific tool for teaching about target sounds!

Note – this set of headphones works with both the V3i and VX3.


SKU: 802-5282


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  1. 4 out of 5

    Great sound, great reliability, and extreme ease of use. This is definitely in the top wireless purpose built headphones for metal detecting. The quality is almost perfect from the comfort of the leather and padding on the top strap to the way the headphones cover your ear.
    To me I have only noticed a couple downsides being a part of a few of White’s detector communities and that is the occasional break of the plastic mounts on the sides where the metal shafts come through for adjustment or that they can be kind of hot and hefty in the 80+ humid days trucking your gear through the woods. For my collection these are the only headphones I want for spring fall and winter but I would prefer an earbud style that is light and allows your face to breath a little better.. Thank you guys for another outstanding product and I look forward to the possibility of a light earbud style model something in the future maybe….. *wink wink*

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