White’s Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Winners will be announced on White’s Facebook page. If you found a token, please mail your token in a sturdy envelope to the factory to redeem your $25 or $100 discount:

White’s Electronics, Inc.
Attn: Easter Bunny
1011 Pleasant Valley Rd
Sweet Home, Oregon 97386

After receiving the token we will email you a discount code to use on our website for either $25 (off purchase $50 or more) or $100 (off purchase $200 or more). Optionally you can take the coin to a dealer* or keep it (keeping the coin forfeits the discount – we would like to use these same tokens next year!).

*At participating dealers


Grand prize winner – Tiffany S. – is an MX7 metal detector.

Second place – Tracey Z. – is a NEW XVenture metal detector:

Third place – Stephen M. – is a TRX in your choice of colors.

All tokens are valued at either $25 or $100, redeemable at participating White’s dealers or factory-direct. All finders are winners!

*Winners will be drawn at random the week of April 1st, there are 3 prizes total. All tokens are good for listed amount from authorized and participating White’s dealers or factory-direct.



Here are the token finders for 2018!

Name Token Value Easter Bunny
Aaron Hammer $25 (silver) Charles Davis
Aaron Kipp $25 (silver) Dr. Tom Schmar
Aaron Pinkham $25 (silver) Jerry Freeman
Aaron smith $100 (gold) Pasha Abby
Addilynn knoblauch $25 (silver) Phillip butterfield
Al Giniel $25 (silver) Bob LaVoy
Alan Bravo $25 (silver) Gold-N-Detectors, Golden, CO Louise Smyth
Alan Todd Seeney $25 (silver) Mike Palmer
Alex Fiske $25 (silver) Jerry Freeman
Amanda Bradley $25 (silver) Joses DeMoranville
Amy Dodd $25 (silver) Tom Schmar
Andy Gillespie Kristi Franks $100 (gold) Jose’s bemoranville
Andy Parker $25 (silver) Pasha Abbey
Angela jones $25 (silver) Neil Sliter
Art Vallero $100 (gold) Mary Roan
Art Wertz $25 (silver) Jason Porter
Arthur schafer $25 (silver) Lou nicolosi
Ashley Sinclair (son) $25 (silver) Pasha Abbey
Barry Sites $25 (silver) Martia McGinnis
ben sestak $25 (silver) daniel ulvoczky
Benjamin Sites $25 (silver) Martia McGinnis
Bill Hoffman $25 (silver) Drew Waholek
Bill Murdock $25 (silver) Lacey Medal Detectors
Bill Pugh $25 (silver) Jason Braker
Bob Bainbridge $25 (silver) tayrannosaurus_rexx (Instagram Holyoke MA)
Bobby Keene $25 (silver) ericgor@aol.com
Bobby Whitworth $25 (silver) Mary Roan
Bonnie M. Turner $25 (silver) Jason Darby
Bonnie Turner $25 (silver) Jason Darby
Brad Case $25 (silver) Drew Waholek
Brad Pierson $25 (silver) Michael Troeckler
Bradyn blake $25 (silver) Robbie Kramer
Braxton Cooper $100 (gold) Mike Digger
Bree Riffle $25 (silver) Joshua Walters
Brenda Reistad $25 (silver) Phil Butterfield
Brent Herold $25 (silver) Joe Whoston in Savannah
Brett Houston $25 (silver) Barbara Holcomb
Brian Blackmore $25 (silver) Oregon Trail Hobbies and gifts
Brian Shephard $25 (silver) Drew Waholek
Brian Sims $25 (silver) Drew Waholek
Brian Taplin $25 (silver) Centerville Electronics
Brian Yerdon $100 (gold) Scott Michael Manning
Brittany Beckers $25 (silver) Richard Pierson
Bryan Varney $25 (silver) Joe Mackey
Byron Myrick $25 (silver) Shannon Cheshier
Chris Cote $25 (silver) Martha McGinnis
Chris couture $100 (gold) Jeremiah Bowes
Chris Jenkins $25 (silver) Matt Bullock
Chris Lewis $25 (silver) Edward Schaefer
Chris moss $25 (silver) Shannon Cheshier
Chris Paul $25 (silver) Chris Porter
Chris Skok $25 (silver) Joshua Walters
Chris springer $25 (silver) Tim Bradford
Chris Straightiff $25 (silver) Ricky spillman
Chris white $25 (silver) Louise smyth
Christine ZIKA $25 (silver) Eric Yeager
Christopher Chapman $25 (silver) White’s Electronics
Christopher Lasarsky $25 (silver) Frankie Buonanno
Christopher S. Sloan $100 (gold) Patrick McCloud
Christopher Stillwell $25 (silver) Barbara Roth
Chuck Aguado $25 (silver) Drew Waholek
Cinder Cavin $25 (silver) Barbara Burgess
CJ Chopack $25 (silver) Martia McGinnis
Clarence Freeman $25 (silver) Newport Metal Detectors
Clay Busby $25 (silver) Shannon cheshier
Clint Bryant $25 (silver) The Diggers Den
Colby espinola $25 (silver) Steve Chan
Colleen Clark $25 (silver) Christeine Wells VanNeel
Craig Cline $25 (silver) Phillip Butterfield
Curt Bingman $100 (gold) Wayne Langman
Dale “Squeek” Gentner $25 (silver) Dennis
Dale W Pfaff $25 (silver) Clint Green
Dalton Baker $25 (silver) White’s
Daniel Gildea $25 (silver) Scott Manning
Daniel Wilson $25 (silver) Matt Bullock
Danielle Dubiel $25 (silver) Norval Greenwold
Dave Crugut $25 (silver) Robbie Kramer @ Flint Hills Metal Detectors
Dave Hart $25 (silver) Joshua Walters
Dave Kitchens $25 (silver) The Diggers Den
Dave Oliver $100 (gold) Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental
David Cussins $100 (gold) ericgor@aol.com
David Gyure $25 (silver) tayrannosaurus_rexx
David Purser $25 (silver) Tim Bradford
David Rockwell $100 (gold) Tay Silveira
David Sparrow $100 (gold) Graham McCoy
Debbie Boone $25 (silver) Barbara Burgess
Dennis Augustynowicz $25 (silver) Mark Lewis
Dennis E. Butler $25 (silver) Tim Bradford
Dennis Teed Richard Peirson
Derrick Ledbetter $25 (silver) Jeff woodward
Diana Abernathey $25 (silver) Tanner Garrison
Diane Clark $25 (silver) Ed Schaeffer
Diane Mitchell $25 (silver) The Diggers Den
Don Day $100 (gold) Mark Thomas
Don Herberts $25 (silver) Michael Troeckler – MidWest Relic Recovery
Doug Bierce $25 (silver) Eric Yeager
Dustin Flood $25 (silver) Wayne Langman
Dustin kvammen $25 (silver) Mark lewis
Edward M Henne $25 (silver) Jason Braker
Eric Hendricks $100 (gold) Eric Yeager
Eric Nyhus $25 (silver) Ground View Metal Detectors Sales & Rental
eric payne $25 (silver) Joe Mackey
Ernest G McCoy $100 (gold) Matthew Bullard
Ernie McCoy $25 (silver) We’re Digging It Metal Detectors
Flemming Nielsen $25 (silver) Steve Chan
Fred Dyon $25 (silver) Mark Lewis
Fred Pfindel $100 (gold) Bob Lavoy
Gabriel Young $25 (silver) Eric Yeager
Garrett Riedmann $25 (silver) Tom Schmar
Gary E Jones $25 (silver) Ernesto Pena
Gary Earle $25 (silver) Yamhill county bunny
Gary Kern $100 (gold) Bill Treece
Gary Penta $25 (silver) Jay W Darb
George Sherer $100 (gold) Tom Schmar
Georgia Cronin $25 (silver) Joshua Walters
Gerral Schulz $25 (silver) Dwight Yates
graham burnham $100 (gold) kathy lizotte
Greenleigh Kay Strahan $100 (gold) Barbara Burgess
Greg Poole $25 (silver) Wayne Langman
gregeoff $25 (silver) neal salter
Gretchen Burch $25 (silver) Centreville Electronics VA
Gurnie Jopson $100 (gold) Martia McGinnis
Guy cooper $25 (silver) Mike Digger
Harry Boudreau $25 (silver) Jerry Freeman
Harry M Smith $25 (silver) Steve Chan
Heath Fincham $25 (silver) Robbie Kramer
Hero Emery $25 (silver) Jason Porter
Heymirth@comcast.net $100 (gold) Richard Pierson
Hitchcock $100 (gold) Drew Waholek
Ian Smith $25 (silver) Tanner Garrison
Izabella Nagy $25 (silver) Daniel Ulvoczky
J.D. Choat $25 (silver) Tim Bradford
Jack N Hughes $25 (silver) Michelle Thomas
Jaime Grimaldo $25 (silver) Oregon trail hobbies and gifts
James Bizzell $25 (silver) Ernesto Pena
James Desch $25 (silver) Len Kalber
James heath Kendrick $25 (silver) Shannon Cheshier
James V Malone $25 (silver) Barbara Burgess
James Weigand $25 (silver) Michelle Thomas
jamie ovens $25 (silver) Mark Lewis
Jamie Stogsdill $100 (gold) Travis Snyder
Jared Taylor $100 (gold) Frankie B (@warthog_md)
Jarod Moore $25 (silver) Ed Schaeffer
Jay Gapusan $25 (silver) Joe DeMoranill
Jay Skelton $25 (silver) Tom Schmar
JC Lettner $25 (silver) Rick Spillman
Jeff clifford $25 (silver) Brian Namulik
Jeff Farrand $25 (silver) Gary, Capital Prospectors
Jeff Kennedy $25 (silver) RJ Williams
Jeff Morris $25 (silver) Lou Nicolosi
Jeffrey Pansch $25 (silver) Stephanie Craw
Jeffrey S Hupp $25 (silver) Michael Troeckler
Jennifer DiMeo $25 (silver) Frankie Buonanno
Jennifer Washechek $100 (gold) Handy Hardware, Franklin, TN
Jerry Wisniewski $25 (silver) Neil salter
Jesse Draper $25 (silver) Eric Yeager
Jesse Sanders $25 (silver) Pasha Abbey
Jim $25 (silver) Tay Silveira
Jim Scar $25 (silver) James Howell
Jimmy Conrad $25 (silver) McCloud PatKathy
Joe Meleca $25 (silver) Christine
Joel Byler $25 (silver) John Majer, jmajer5111@wadsnet.com
John B Carey $25 (silver) Ernesto Pena
John Cordeiro $25 (silver) Mike Palmer
John David Cavazos $25 (silver) Ernesto Pena
John J Charley $25 (silver) Richard pierson
John kutolowski $25 (silver) Daniel ulvoczky
John McGillicuddy $25 (silver) tmsilvei@gmail.com tayrannosaurus_rexx (instagram)
John milligan $25 (silver) Barbara burgess
Johnny White $25 (silver) Patrick McCloud
Jon Cunniff $100 (gold) RJ Williams
Jon Luther $25 (silver) Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental
Jon Whicker $25 (silver) Charles Davis
Jonathan Little $100 (gold) Matt Bullock
Jonathan Thiede $100 (gold) Michael Krzanich
Jose Martinez $100 (gold) Ernesto Peña
Joseph Chappell Dennis Rogers TMDF
Josh Witt $25 (silver) Clint Green
Joshua Bradley $100 (gold) Dwight yates
Joshua Moschera $25 (silver) Frankie Buonanno
Joshua Tabony $25 (silver) Joses DeMoranville
Joshua Walters $25 (silver) John major
Joshua Wilber $25 (silver) Jason Braker
Joyce Hammond Smith $100 (gold) Steve Chan
Juan Celis $25 (silver) Ernesto peña
Juan Romero $25 (silver) Jason Braker
justin christie $25 (silver) Newport metal detectors, NC
Justin harbin $100 (gold) Tim Bradford
Justin Overlock $25 (silver) Kathy Lizotte
Kane Diers $100 (gold) Steph Craw
Kane Henson $25 (silver) Handys Hardware
Karam Elbouakhri $25 (silver) White s Easter egg hunt cincinnati
Karen Harrison $25 (silver) Dave Mihm, Yamhill County Oregon
Kassidy Carroll $25 (silver) Erik Rummler
Kathleen Clark $25 (silver) Brian Namulik
Kathleen Paul $25 (silver) Erik Rummler
Katrina Waldron $25 (silver) Erik Rummler
Keith mullett $25 (silver) John majer
Ken Allen $25 (silver) Capital Prospecting
Ken Herholz $25 (silver) Tanner Garrison
Ken Lord $100 (gold) Mark Lewis
Kenneth Burgess $25 (silver) Matt Bullock
Kenneth Vasquez $25 (silver) Erik Rummler
Kerri Nelson $25 (silver) Mike Slater
Kim Garza $25 (silver) Tom Boykin
Kimberly Brewer $25 (silver) Pasha Abby
Krislynn Retz $100 (gold) Gary Earle – the best!
Kyle Cozzens $25 (silver) Jason Braker
Larry D Hakes Jr $25 (silver) Len Kalber
Larry Masters $25 (silver) Bob Lavoy (north east MD)
Larry Orr $25 (silver) Tanner Garrison
Lawrence “Pete” Combs $25 (silver) Joses De Moranville
Lea McGown-Rummler $100 (gold) Erik Rummler
Leo Dillon $25 (silver) Gary Earle @ Capitol Prospecting
Lester Nowak III $25 (silver) Bill Treece
Leszek Dion-Wesolowski $100 (gold) Gorzynski
Levi Ullrick $25 (silver) Louise smyth
Libby Wagner $100 (gold) Josh Walters
Lloyd W. Taylor $25 (silver) Mike Palmer
Logan Miavez $25 (silver) John Majer
Loretta Caswall $25 (silver) Newport Detectors
Lori Barrett Brown $100 (gold) Charles Davis
Lori Johns $25 (silver) Charles Davis
Louis Boudreau $25 (silver) Scott Michael Manning
luke schlining JOSEPH MACKEY
Marek Zietara $25 (silver) Gurzynski
Marilyn Buck $25 (silver) Christine
Mark Rathburn $25 (silver) Harv Goen
Mark Masters $100 (gold) Joe Mackey
mark mcmanus $25 (silver) Scott Michael Manning
Mark Schroeder $100 (gold) Tanner Garrison
Mark w Reed $25 (silver) Katherine lizotte
Martha Waldron $25 (silver) Erik Rummler
Marty Fankhauser $25 (silver) Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental
Marty Mundie $100 (gold) Rick Spillman
Mary Qualtieri $25 (silver) Joseph Mackey
Matthew Burgin $25 (silver) James Howell
Matthew Herrenbruck $100 (gold) Jeff Woodward
Matty (Matthew) Tomaini Frankie Buonanno
Mel Opitz $25 (silver) Lacey Metal Detectors
Melissa Ruschau $25 (silver) Jeff Woodward
Mica D’Alesandro $25 (silver) Ok pawn
MICHAEL ALDER $25 (silver) Travis Snyder
Michael Bristowe $100 (gold) Lou Nicolosi
Michael Farley $25 (silver) Jeremiah bowes
Michael Forsythe $25 (silver) Graham McCoy
Michael Haggerty $25 (silver) Dennis Rogers
Michael Martin $25 (silver) Bob
Michael Owen $25 (silver) Handy Hardware
Michael Quimby $100 (gold) Jason Braker
Michael Sass $25 (silver) Eric Yeager
Michael savash $25 (silver) Brian namulik
Michael Schoonover $25 (silver) Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental
Michael Troeckler $25 (silver) Graham McCoy
Michael Trollmann $25 (silver) Dennis Rogers
Mike Garick $25 (silver) Pasha Abbey
Mike Lamper $25 (silver) Mike Slater
Mike maguire $25 (silver) Ohio history diggers
Mike shullo $25 (silver) Michelle goldsboro
Mitch Taylor $25 (silver) Travis Snyder
Nate Wilson $25 (silver) Capitol Prospecting
Nathan Reistad $100 (gold) Phill Butterfield
Nicholas j girgenti $25 (silver) Bob Lavoy
Nicholas Boyd $25 (silver) Louise Smyth
Nicholas Scarangelli $25 (silver) Lou Nicolosi
Nicholus Kiser $25 (silver) Travis Snyder
Nick Haas $25 (silver) Shannon Cheshier
Nick Richter $25 (silver) Oregon Trail Hobbies and Gifts
Packrat Bateham $25 (silver) Joe Mackey
Patrick Gapusan $25 (silver) Wes Wade OK Pawn & Jewelry
Perry Thomas $25 (silver) Wayne Langman
Peter Schoerner $25 (silver) Lacey Metal Detector, 9 Hickory Lane Bayville NJ 08721
Peter Teal $25 (silver) Bob Lavoy
Phillip Hankins $100 (gold) John Majer
Phillip Witt $25 (silver) Andy Willoughby
Preston Pettry $100 (gold) DIGGERS DEN
Ralph Andrews $100 (gold) Idaho Prospecting Supply
Ralph Robinson $25 (silver) Lou Nicolosi
Randy Rowsell $25 (silver) Charles Davis
Raven m meklin $25 (silver) Kathy lizotte
Ray Zajac $25 (silver) Christine (Finger Lakes Finds)
Rebecca Mullins $25 (silver) IB Neal
Rich Nesbit $25 (silver) Jason Porter
Richard E Webber $25 (silver) Mike Slater
Richard Elliott $25 (silver) Norval Greenwold
Rico Alvarez $25 (silver) Len kalber
Rob Mattingly $25 (silver) Barbara Roth
Robert Beaulieu $25 (silver) Jerry Freeman
Robert Blythe $25 (silver) Andy Willoughby
Robert Foster $25 (silver) Factory
Robert Green $25 (silver) Joses DeMoranville
Robert Kessler $100 (gold) Len Kalber
Robert M Breeden $25 (silver) Michael Krzanich
Robert Sherman $25 (silver) Michelle Thomas
Roberto Nava A.K.A. ORO $25 (silver) Idaho prospecting supply
Rocky Griffin $25 (silver) Dwight Yates
Roger Allen $25 (silver) Steve Chan – California
Roger Dittelberger $100 (gold) James Howell
Ron Allen $25 (silver) Capitol Prospecting
Ronald Pinkham $25 (silver) Jerry Freeman
Ronald R. Herberts $25 (silver) Michael Troeckler
Ronald Wylie $100 (gold) Jerry Freeman
ronnie fryer $25 (silver) Dwight Yates
Rusty Angle $25 (silver) Michael Krzanich
Ryan $25 (silver) Mark Lewis
Ryan chamberlain Charles Davis
Ryan Glaros $100 (gold) White’s metal detectors of Lexington
Ryan Hass $25 (silver) Jason Porter
Sallie Sidelinger $25 (silver) Kathy Lizotte
sam frankart $25 (silver) Bill treece
Sam Hurbert $25 (silver) Mary roan
Sara Saraceno $25 (silver) Louise A Smyth
Sarah Weltzin $25 (silver) Ground View Metal Detector Sales & Rental
Scott McKinney $25 (silver) Oregon Trail Hobbies
shad pipes $25 (silver) The RingFinders Panama City Beach, Fl. aka RJ Williams
Shane Galles $25 (silver) Steph Craw
Shannon Leer $100 (gold) Norval Greenwold
Skyla Theisen $25 (silver) Phillip L butterfeild
stanleyrss@yahoo.com $100 (gold) Dennis Rodgers
Stanton Anker $25 (silver) Stephanie Craw
Stephanie Baldwin $25 (silver) Barbara Burgess
Stephen Mangano $25 (silver) Scott Manning
Steve Rogers $25 (silver) Barbara Roth
Steven McFaden $25 (silver) Allegheny highlands
Steven R Twitty $25 (silver) Jeff Woodward
Stewart dance $100 (gold) Louise smyth
Susan Lewis $100 (gold) Southern Idaho Relic & Recovery – Jason Porter
Tara Trangone $100 (gold) Lacey Metal Detectors
Theresa Wise $25 (silver) Harv Goen
Thomas Goldsboro $100 (gold) Michelle Thomas
Thomas Newsome $25 (silver) Roger Gregory
Tiffany Stromberg $25 (silver) Philip Butterfield
Tim BAKER $25 (silver) Travis Snyder
Tim Martin $25 (silver) Graham McCoy
Timothy Hogan $25 (silver) Bob Lavoy
Todd eoff $100 (gold) Neil salter
Todd Moscovits $25 (silver) Daniel Ulvoczky
Tom Sehon $25 (silver) Steve Chan
Tony Browning $25 (silver) Martia McGinnis
tony martine $100 (gold) michael troeckler
Tony Orange $25 (silver) The Digger’s Den – Brian Harvey
Tracey Zajac $100 (gold) Christine
Travis Kitchens $25 (silver) The Diggers Den
Vernon Foster $25 (silver) Robbie Kramer
Wade Hutchison $25 (silver) Clint Green
Walter Beckelheimer $25 (silver) Patrick McCloud
walter kutolowski $100 (gold) daniel ulvoczky
Wayne Donohoe $25 (silver) Tom Schmarr
Wayne E. Davison Sr. $25 (silver) Graham McCoy
William Gauch $25 (silver) Wes Wade O.K. Pawn & Jewelry, Inc
Zachary shipley $25 (silver) Bill Treece
Zeb Hargis $25 (silver) Jeff Woodard